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From self-made entrepreneur, freelance web developer, graphic designer, chef, DJ instructor, to technical specialist, Guinness World Record holder and music producer.

Since 2010, Haron Tay ventured into music production alongside talents such as Ianzy, IMVN, LoProv, Feeq, Swave/Emercy, DJ Paranoid and others across the globe. Drawing from his extensive experience with technology, Haron channeled his knowledge of videography and animation to craft spectacular visual experiences, controlled by motion capture systems on custom-designed hardware. His unique skillset has allowed him the opportunity to work with some of Asia’s leading music studios and service providers such as Ministry of DJs, Executive Productions and Ineffable Studios.

Over his career as an aspiring Open Format DJ, Haron has crafted energetic, genre-challenging bootleg remixes, compilations and mashups featured on several established platforms such as DJ LeNerd’s Club Hits series, Rocking Good Records, GrooveVoodoo Global and Hard Ascension among others. In addition, Haron was invited to participate in the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest DJ Relay set by 133 DJs on the 9th of August 2014, performing at Mambo Beach Club’s Siloso Countdown.

In recent years, Haron launched and produced content for “The Interview”, a monthly series on Mixcloud aimed at exploring a variety of genres aside from his specialties. Several episodes of which were ranked among the top 3 of Mixcloud’s Top 100 Charts. In June 2017, his works were discovered by The DJ Collective, and was later invited to be a part of the team comprising of regional heavyweights as well as international performers.

His hobbies include dog sitting, using vending machines, exploring renewable energy options and self-sustainable living concepts, staring at the wall, and adding cheese to his Double McSpicy.

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  • Genre: Open Format
  • Years of experience: Since 2010


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Work History

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Under the guidance of veteran chefs Derrick Lee and Alex Aw, Haron was taught from kitchen preparation works, understanding several cuisines, to managing a restaurant efficiently within the first year of his training.

  • Areas of expertise include – Knowledge including but not limited to Western/Japanese/Chinese (Zi Char) cuisine, menu planning, cost control, hospitality, general supervision, kitchen hygiene, able to handle banquets and caterings
  • Other information can be made available on request

Stemming from a childhood hobby of doodling on almost everything he saw, this notion led Haron to learn more about graphics designing, turning this leisure activity into a sideline. Combining this with his self-taught knowledge in I.T., he expanded into the web development field, which also explained how this site popped out of nowhere under 24 hours.

  • i) Areas of expertise for graphics and design include – Poster, background and logo design, Post-production (Photography)
  • ii) Areas of expertise for web development include – Knowledge of Drupal/Joomla/Mambo/Wordpress/Non-CMS web platform setups, Social media management and monetization strategies, Graphics design, Search Engine Marketing, e-Commerce development
  • More information can be made available upon request

In late 1998, Haron received an old computer as a gift from his father, which he later caused his first fire incident when a pair of wires to the PC speaker got shorted. That sparked an interest in him to find out how it happened, leading him to explore the topic of I.T. on his own.

Fueled by his insatiable curiosity, Haron became an autodidact individual through countless trial-and-error, learning through others’ mistakes and actions. Growing up from a poverty-stricken family with no financial aid willing to help, he decided to leave school at the age of 16, and work on understanding the finer aspects of technology.

Haron is currently working on plans with supply chains across Southeast Asia to recollect unwanted electronics and computers for repairs, in a bid to provide highly affordable computing solutions to families with financial difficulties and others in need, as well as granting discarded items a new purpose.

  • Areas of expertise include – Hardware/software/network consultation for individuals and businesses (including but not limited to troubleshooting,  upgrade/downgrade of hardware/software, malware/virus removal etc)
  • Knowledge of Windows/Mac/Linux/(Selected) Proprietary operating systems
  • Data recovery, system migration and cloning
  • Cloud-based solutions for homes and offices
  • Point-of-Sales solutions for Small-Medium Enterprises
  • Multi-platform applications development
  • Able to handle build-to-order desktops and/or servers
  • Able to conduct training for end users on hardware/software usage
  • More information can be made available upon request


  • Lyxon Group
  • Aivents Integrated
  • A2 Weddings & Events Management
  • Hypomatiq
  • Ministry of DJs
  • Pandemic
  • Ineffable Studios
  • Xustard
  • RSSG – The Underground Music Conglomerate
  • DeChanz Network & Media
  • Kry8Films
  • Iwasaka Miyuki
  • Hard Ascension Collective
  • The DJ Collective


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Aug 2014 – Guinness Book of World Records – Award

Aug 2014 – Guinness Book of World Records – Award

Haron was an active participant and was later invited to join the Singapore DJ Committee to assist in leading I.T. support throughout the events. The largest club DJ session relay consisted of 133 participants and was later achieved by Singapore DJs at Marina Barrage, Singapore on 9 August 2014.

Apr 2016 – Siloso DJ Spin Off – 2nd

Apr 2016 – Siloso DJ Spin Off – 2nd

After much encouragement from supporters and mentors, Haron partook in the Siloso DJ Spin-Off competition after being notified by the organizers that he qualified in April 2016. At the end of the event on the same day, he was later announced as the first runner up.

Nov 2016 – Mixcloud Top 100 (Mashup) – 3rd

Nov 2016 – Mixcloud Top 100 (Mashup) – 3rd

First time working with Open Format DJ Ianzy and production partner LoProv on a back-to-back performance. This set was designed specifically to demonstrate key mixing, blending of vocals and sounds from different genres, while maintaining everyone's signature sound and direction without compromising the overall energy of the set itself. Link - Mixcloud (Opens in a new tab/window)

Mar 2017 – Mixcloud Top 100 (Dubstep) – 2nd

Mar 2017 – Mixcloud Top 100 (Dubstep) – 2nd

This was done in collaboration with Indonesian-born DJ Adri Bellamy to demonstrate combinations of mixing techniques and music curation, in bid to maintain peak energy throughout the back-to-back set. Link - Mixcloud (Opens in a new tab/window)

"Anywhere you go, it's either you step up, or step out."

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Mixcloud Top 100 Charts

(Week 12, March 2017)

Dubstep: 2nd Place
Hardstyle: 9th Place
Trap: 13th Place
Bass: 14th Place
EDM: 33rd Place

Mixcloud Top 100 Charts

(Week 52, December 2016)

Hardstyle: 16th Place
Dubstep: 20th Place
Mashup: 20th Place
Trap: 46th Place
Bass: 47th Place

Mixcloud Top 100 Charts

(Week 51, December 2016)

Hardstyle: 38th Place
Rave: 48th Place
Hardcore: 49th Place

Mixcloud Top 100 Charts

(Week 47, November 2016)

Mashup: 3rd Place
Dubstep: 7th Place
Trap: 15th Place
Bass: 29th Place
EDM: 54th Place

Mixcloud Top 100 Charts

(Week 37, September 2016)

Mashup: 8th Place
Big Room: 11th Place
Dubstep: 13th Place
Trap: 22nd Place
Drum & Bass: 31st Place

Mixcloud Top 100 Charts

(Week 34, August 2016)

Dubstep: 12th Place
Mashup: 14th Place
Big Room: 16th Place
Club: 30th Place
Trap: 34th Place

Other works

(Disclaimer: All content shown are for promotional purposes only)

"What" - Lil Jon

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